At Avanti, we are passionate about horses and the practice of veterinary medicine. Many of our owners and employees are “horse people” and enjoy the equestrian lifestyle. We recognize the challenges of being an equine veterinarian as well as the obstacles facing equine veterinary practice owners today, and we believe that Avanti can help you. Our Avanti Practice Management System combines veterinary medicine best practices with administrative best practices in a way that leads to improved patient outcomes, client experience, and practice performance. Partnering with Avanti means that you are joining a network and community of peers who you can trust. We understand the equine veterinary industry inside and out and care deeply about being the employer and veterinary care provider of choice. When partnering with Avanti, you will not only be fairly compensated for your practice, but you will gain access to and have the opportunity to contribute to best practices across the Avanti network. You will also receive support in administration, accounting, human resources, technology, and marketing to help you as a leader maximize the short-term and long-term potential of your practice.


Andrew Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Floyd

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Johnson

Corporate Development Lead

Andrew Paulhamus

Director of Finance

Bill Hay

Managing Partner

Anne Baskett

Managing Partner

Kathleen Anderson

Industry Advisor